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Heyyyyy! I haven’t blogged in a long time! I know, I suck at life… don’t judge. I’ve been super busy working and preparing to move to NY. Guess what??? I’m here! Finally. The drive from Pensacola wasn’t so bad. I made some stops along the way so it wasn’t a straight, boring 24 hours in the car.

Anyways… I’m très excited to be here and get involved in the fashion scene and everything else NY has to offer. I’ve missed the city life so much! Those four years in Pensacola were nice, but it feels awesome to be in an actual city again! ♥ PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! ♥

Right now I'm just getting everything set up in le apartment and whatnot. I shall look for jobs soon. I’m looking for something in the fashion industry (of course): fashion PR, magazines, anything really. I just want to dive in and learn! But first I need to learn about these frAckin’ subways. The subways in Japan are less confusing! This is going to be interesting.

Oh, NY… how I ♥ you already.



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