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Heyyyyy! I haven’t blogged in a long time! I know, I suck at life… don’t judge. I’ve been super busy working and preparing to move to NY. Guess what??? I’m here! Finally. The drive from Pensacola wasn’t so bad. I made some stops along the way so it wasn’t a straight, boring 24 hours in the car.

Anyways… I’m très excited to be here and get involved in the fashion scene and everything else NY has to offer. I’ve missed the city life so much! Those four years in Pensacola were nice, but it feels awesome to be in an actual city again! ♥ PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! ♥

Right now I'm just getting everything set up in le apartment and whatnot. I shall look for jobs soon. I’m looking for something in the fashion industry (of course): fashion PR, magazines, anything really. I just want to dive in and learn! But first I need to learn about these frAckin’ subways. The subways in Japan are less confusing! This is going to be interesting.

Oh, NY… how I ♥ you already.


Sooooo… let me just confess. I love, love, love getting dressed up and couldn’t imagine my wardrobe without stilettos and makeup and whatnot. But… I don’t see how some people are able to wear makeup every single day!

I usually “put on my face” about 3 days out of the week. I want to be recognized as myself on days when I’m not wearing makeup, so I make sure people see me without it. You know that friend who wears makeup religiously? It’s a scary sight when you see her without it, huh? I don’t want to be that girl.

The main reasons why I do wear makeup are to complement an outfit and to try to look my age (because I look like I’m 5 most of the time). Alternatively, my rationale for not wearing makeup everyday is that it takes too much time to apply and I’m lazy. Putting on makeup takes about 45 minutes from my sleep that I can’t get back. Apart from laziness, I also like to let my skin breathe for a few days.

I think you can still look put together when not wearing cosmetics, even though on most occasions celebrities have demonstrated otherwise. There’s a difference between looking torn-down and fresh-faced. Example: Heidi Klum. She’s in People‘s “Most Beautiful People” issue sporting an au naturel look and I’m loving it!

It looks like going bare has caught on as a profit ploy trend. Jessica Simpson is on the cover of Marie Claire‘s May issue without makeup and Kim Kardashian is in Life & Style makeup-free.

Photo: People

Since it’s now approximately 1 billion degrees here in Florida, I like to be sans jeans most of the time. I’m already sick of shorts and dresses so I decided to give in to rompers. Best of both worlds. I used to HATE them. The same way I used to hate turtlenecks. And that’s saying something! They’re so constricting and claustrophobia-esque! But then I realized they’re actually really cute and I need to get over myself.

So now I’m on a mission to find a cute one. As much as I’m obsessed with black, I’m pretty positive I wouldn’t buy a black romper because the style and design is drowned out in black. And besides, I feel like rompers are meant to be fun and colorful.

ShopBop and Urban Outfitters have huge selections of rompers. I’m in heaven.

These are some of the hot rompers I came across:

This Geren Ford romper is my favorite. You can take it from day to night!… or night to day.

This is a classic look.

I’m obsessed with all of Mara Hoffman’s designs.

I love this chill look.

Yay! This week is almost over! And it has been hectic to say the least.

Today I forgot the most important article of my life at home: my Ray-Bans. (It was 70 degrees of pure sunshine.) Trés annoying, right?! Well, at about 11 pm, after spending the whole day being mad at my sunglasses for not climbing into my purse, I realized that I should have a spare pair of sunglasses in my car! So it was really my fault that I was sans sunglasses. Crazy, I know.

I forgot that I usually keep a bag of necessities in my car (aka throw them in the trunk) that I may need in situations like this. Sadly, over time these things end up back in my house and situations like this morning occur.

After that, I figured it might be time to replace my bag of essentials. Here’s some of the stuff I like to have in my bag:

My Nine Necessities:

1. Headbands- I’m obsessed with the thin, solid-colored ones. Mainly because I don’t feel as bad when I lose one.

2. Instant coffee packets and a travel mug- I need my caffeine throughout the day!

3. Chapstick with SPF- Vanilla flavored Softlips is my favorite!

4. Nail polish- I put a quick coat on if my nails are looking scary. I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Racey Rouge!

5. Yoga mat- You never know when you’ll need to bust out some Sun Salutations!

6. Headphones- Just in case I need to tune somebody out!

7. Flat Boots- My Steve Madden Bonanza boots are about to fall apart because I wear them like slippers… don’t judge!

8. Flip flops- Just in case I end up at the beach or the nail salon!

9. Sunglasses- I feel lost when I don’t have them… even when it’s raining!

Now I need to go restock my trunk bag…

I learned yesterday, from BBC News, that Emma Thompson is remaking My Fair Lady and Carey Mulligan is already set to play Eliza Doolittle! Naturally, my first thoughts were about the upcoming movie’s costumes. Well actually my first thoughts were more like: “My Fair Lady without Audrey Hepburn?!” (I’m pretty sure Julie Andrews was thinking somewhere along those lines in ’64.)

I hope the new movie is at least decent. I’m really excited to see how they’re going to recreate the looks of Cecil Beaton’s costumes because this is one of my favorite movies! Give me incredible costumes and singing and I’m there.

Ooooh, I wonder what the Royal Ascot Opening Day dress is going to look like! I’m thinking a little Oscar de la Renta. Some of his Ready-to-Wear pieces remind me of the chicness of the ascot scenes.

The mermaid silhouette incorporated with some of these design elements has the potential to make a très modern ascot dress. How awesome would it be to use the leaves instead of lace?! I’m going de la Renta crazy, I’ll stop now.

“Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?”

Oscar de la Renta photos: and Oscar de La Renta website


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