Sooooo… let me just confess. I love, love, love getting dressed up and couldn’t imagine my wardrobe without stilettos and makeup and whatnot. But… I don’t see how some people are able to wear makeup every single day!

I usually “put on my face” about 3 days out of the week. I want to be recognized as myself on days when I’m not wearing makeup, so I make sure people see me without it. You know that friend who wears makeup religiously? It’s a scary sight when you see her without it, huh? I don’t want to be that girl.

The main reasons why I do wear makeup are to complement an outfit and to try to look my age (because I look like I’m 5 most of the time). Alternatively, my rationale for not wearing makeup everyday is that it takes too much time to apply and I’m lazy. Putting on makeup takes about 45 minutes from my sleep that I can’t get back. Apart from laziness, I also like to let my skin breathe for a few days.

I think you can still look put together when not wearing cosmetics, even though on most occasions celebrities have demonstrated otherwise. There’s a difference between looking torn-down and fresh-faced. Example: Heidi Klum. She’s in People‘s “Most Beautiful People” issue sporting an au naturel look and I’m loving it!

It looks like going bare has caught on as a profit ploy trend. Jessica Simpson is on the cover of Marie Claire‘s May issue without makeup and Kim Kardashian is in Life & Style makeup-free.

Photo: People