Whenever I think of eBay I tend to think of murderers and creeps selling empty PlayStation boxes. But that’s just me. Well, according to an Associated Press article eBay has up-ed their game in two ways. #1) They have dedicated a part of their site, fashion.ebay.com, to focus on fashion lovers and their quest for bargain shopping. Yes, there will be designer labels!

They gave the site a new design and new navigable features. It looks semi-legit. I mean, it’s divided into brands, styles, and other categories. That’s an improvement upon searching through about 8 billion pages of people’s tattered baby clothes, right?


#2) Part of the site, called Fashion Vault, (which officially launched Monday) will be the place that features flash sales, similar to Gilt, theOutnet and RueLaLa! It’s supposed to be like a “private” sale site, but eBay is hoping to expand it into an online outlet mall type thing in the near future.

eBay will be working with different retailers in order to add new and discounted items to the site. Narciso Rodriguez is one of the prospective sellers they’re hoping to grab and Aldo is already set to be added later this spring! I’m très excited about that! And… shipping is free!

We’ll see how it goes. I just hope the site doesn’t produce additional lawsuits for eBay.

Here’s the Twitter feed for the Fashion Vault site that tweets the latest sales: @fashionvault.