Yay! This week is almost over! And it has been hectic to say the least.

Today I forgot the most important article of my life at home: my Ray-Bans. (It was 70 degrees of pure sunshine.) Trés annoying, right?! Well, at about 11 pm, after spending the whole day being mad at my sunglasses for not climbing into my purse, I realized that I should have a spare pair of sunglasses in my car! So it was really my fault that I was sans sunglasses. Crazy, I know.

I forgot that I usually keep a bag of necessities in my car (aka throw them in the trunk) that I may need in situations like this. Sadly, over time these things end up back in my house and situations like this morning occur.

After that, I figured it might be time to replace my bag of essentials. Here’s some of the stuff I like to have in my bag:

My Nine Necessities:

1. Headbands- I’m obsessed with the thin, solid-colored ones. Mainly because I don’t feel as bad when I lose one.

2. Instant coffee packets and a travel mug- I need my caffeine throughout the day!

3. Chapstick with SPF- Vanilla flavored Softlips is my favorite!

4. Nail polish- I put a quick coat on if my nails are looking scary. I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Racey Rouge!

5. Yoga mat- You never know when you’ll need to bust out some Sun Salutations!

6. Headphones- Just in case I need to tune somebody out!

7. Flat Boots- My Steve Madden Bonanza boots are about to fall apart because I wear them like slippers… don’t judge!

8. Flip flops- Just in case I end up at the beach or the nail salon!

9. Sunglasses- I feel lost when I don’t have them… even when it’s raining!

Now I need to go restock my trunk bag…