I learned yesterday, from BBC News, that Emma Thompson is remaking My Fair Lady and Carey Mulligan is already set to play Eliza Doolittle! Naturally, my first thoughts were about the upcoming movie’s costumes. Well actually my first thoughts were more like: “My Fair Lady without Audrey Hepburn?!” (I’m pretty sure Julie Andrews was thinking somewhere along those lines in ’64.)

I hope the new movie is at least decent. I’m really excited to see how they’re going to recreate the looks of Cecil Beaton’s costumes because this is one of my favorite movies! Give me incredible costumes and singing and I’m there.

Ooooh, I wonder what the Royal Ascot Opening Day dress is going to look like! I’m thinking a little Oscar de la Renta. Some of his Ready-to-Wear pieces remind me of the chicness of the ascot scenes.

The mermaid silhouette incorporated with some of these design elements has the potential to make a très modern ascot dress. How awesome would it be to use the leaves instead of lace?! I’m going de la Renta crazy, I’ll stop now.

“Oh, wouldn’t it be lovely?”

Oscar de la Renta photos: Style.com and Oscar de La Renta website