I’m so loving the 90s style lately. The denim jackets, the plaid, the floral dresses, the clogs.

Here are some of Dictionary.com’s definitions of a clog:

-anything that impedes motion or action; an encumbrance; a hindrance
-a heavy block, as of wood, fastened to a person or beast to impede movement
-a shoe or sandal with a thick sole of wood, cork, rubber, or the like

Why did they have to bring them back for spring? I blame Croc connoisseurs for this. Designers were probably like, “Well if they’re buying Crocs, they’re damn sure gonna buy these.”

I can proudly say, the first and last time I purchased a pair of clogs was in Amsterdam a few years ago… as a souvenir… and they were glass.

Ok, ok, I can live with the sandal clogs because they’re half sandal, half clog… so I guess they’re partly decent. I half love Chanel’s 5 O’Clog Sandal. It’s the mules I can’t stand. Long story short, studs and bling does not a cute clog make.

Chanel Clogs Image Source: Style.com
Photos: Denko Ivanisevic