Heyyyyy! I haven’t blogged in a long time! I know, I suck at life… don’t judge. I’ve been super busy working and preparing to move to NY. Guess what??? I’m here! Finally. The drive from Pensacola wasn’t so bad. I made some stops along the way so it wasn’t a straight, boring 24 hours in the car.

Anyways… I’m très excited to be here and get involved in the fashion scene and everything else NY has to offer. I’ve missed the city life so much! Those four years in Pensacola were nice, but it feels awesome to be in an actual city again! ♥ PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! ♥

Right now I'm just getting everything set up in le apartment and whatnot. I shall look for jobs soon. I’m looking for something in the fashion industry (of course): fashion PR, magazines, anything really. I just want to dive in and learn! But first I need to learn about these frAckin’ subways. The subways in Japan are less confusing! This is going to be interesting.

Oh, NY… how I ♥ you already.


This outfit was so easy to put together. I actually wore this for an Independence Day get-together-type-deal-thing last week. I wanted a casual, comfortable, and simple outfit to wear. I didn’t want to do the whole red, white, and blue thing… because that’s not my style.

I can never find destroyed/distressed jeans that are made the exact way I want, so I made my own. I found these old Wet Seal jeans in the depths of my closet as I was cleaning it out and I thought I could do something to them… and I did! I took some scissors and went crazy! I cut out the back pockets because I didn’t want the “W” on them and then destroyed them a little lot in the front. (I actually received a lot of compliments when I wore these jeans out last night.)

P.S. I’m so obsessed with that oversized straw clutch! I can fit EVERYTHING in there. I’m on the hunt for another oversized clutch. Any ideas?

What I’m wearing:
Tee with pocket & Earrings- Express
Jeans- Wet Seal (and some DIY magic)
Shoes- Steve Madden
Chain necklace- Thrifted
Charm necklace- H&M
Ruby/diamond necklace- An ex-boyfriend 😉
Leather belt- Thrifted
Oversized straw clutch- Thrifted

Jeffrey Campbell’s Fashion is Art or Tick wedge is ridiculously amazing! I’ve been obsessed for a couple weeks and every time I try to order them on Modcloth, they’re always sold out! And I can’t find them anywhere else. 😦

I’m really feeling peep toe wedges (because they show off my pedicure, duh!) and these are gorgeous! I could definitely wear these with anything! Perhaps a perfect opportunity to mix prints?! If I had these I don’t think I would EVER take them off.

I Heart Jeffrey CampbellFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

I Heart Jeffrey Campbell by bluesuedeparasol

Anyone know another place I can order these from???

As we all know, Sex and the City 2 comes out tomorrow today!!! But I have to be honest… the only reason I’m excited to see the movie is for the fashion. They should’ve stopped at the first one to preserve the greatness of it. Or at least called the new movie Sex and Abu Dhabi by the looks of the trailer. I’ve been a fan of the series for a while, mostly because it highlights fashion and the New York lifestyle… but I digress.

So lately, we’ve all been harassed with the SATC2 teaser trailers (and Mercedes and HP commercials) which includes the amazing new fashion! I think it’s a different kind of fashion this time around. It all seems sexier and of course more mature. All the latest fashion trends are featured in the movie including maxi dresses, harem pants, turbans, and cut out dresses.

One of the styles that I instantly fell in love with just by watching the trailer is Samantha’s Keith Haring for House of Field dress. It is H-O-T! (It’s actually been on the Patricia Field website for a while.)

And of course, we must pay recognition to the numerous Halston Heritage dresses that dominate the movie for some reason. I mean, it’s not like SJP designs for HH. Oh, wait she does!

These are only a few of the dresses that make an appearance in the movie:

I’m très excited to see it! I feel like the clothes and accessories should be credited at the end of the movie instead of the actors! 😉

Photos: Patricia Field, Singer22, Bloomingdales, Net-A-Porter

I was on Net-A-Porter looking at dresses and came across this beautiful Notte by Marchesa fuchsia silk mini dress. (I’ve been in a frilly mood lately.)

The only problem is… I don’t have Marchesa money. But, guess who makes a similar dress? Zac Posen for Target! His new line for Target features a two-piece ruffled dress that comes in red and black/blue. It’s no fuchsia silk… but I’ll take it. Plus, it’s two dresses for one price; it can be worn without the ruffles to create a completely different look. And it’s only $79.99!

Selma Blair looks amazing in the dress at the Zac Posen for Target 24-hour shopping party in NYC.

This is how I would wear the black/blue dress:


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